Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coconut Crispies, anyone?

Last year I made these delicious version of rice crispies! Tonight I made yet a different take on the classic rice crispy. If you have seen the cococut marshmallows at the store
Buy them up fast!

My little niece Riley made this recipe at EFY and so thanks to her
we made them to enjoy for after dinner!

You need 6 Tbsp. Butter - melt it first in a big pot and than add two bags of the coconut marshmallows. It takes a little longer to melt them, but as soon as it is completely melted take it off the burner and add about 10 cups of rice crispies to the mix. Than butter up your hands and put them in a 9x13 pan - they really are good and you might even share them if you don't eat them first!

Do not make these when the husband is out of town and the kids are already in bed and your favorite shows are on TV and you are slightly hungry and emotionally eating!
Bad news!


diane said...

Sounds tasty and dangerous.

Annemarie said...

YUM! I wouldn't know anything about emotional eating though...NOTHING.

MBlairsLars said...

I will try them ASAP....sounds so good.

Melissa-Mc said...

Yum. We've made so many treats today, that I feel like I am about to enter a sugar coma!

Pyatt said...

I love anything coconut...dude those look tasty!!

Elizabeth Judd said...

yum! I've never seen those before, I'll have to get some!

tammy said...

Same goes for Ghiradelli brownies and your husband being out of town. Yikes!

Rach said...

no wonder we never see you anymore. it looks like you guys are having fun. exhausting fun. thanks for stopping by the other day. sorry we missed you. we need to go out again sometime. i don't like coconut so i will not be making those and i don't eat sugar right now and have lost more than i want to share over the web:) call me. we will do lunch