Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer and Cousins continued

Whew - what a week! We have had 11 count them ELEVEN cousins down for the past 6 days.
So, of course it means late nights and non-stop fun for these kids!

Anyone that knows Bart's dad - he always has something fun planned for the kids. We had a daily schedule that told us where everyone would be going and what we would be doing!
My kids are going through serious with-drawls now that they all have left.

We hit the beach

We saw the Bishop and his family!
The Trainas were also beaching it!

We went to the Zoo! Bart's parents bought a bunch of green Hawaii shirts for places like this so we can spot the little ones. Unfortunately they didn't have one in my size :0)

We stopped by to visit with Grandma Sadleir

Back at Grandma and Grandpa's house

The Beach again!

The older kids went deep sea fishing and on the go-carts!

We went Bowling!

Cousins - We Love You - COME BACK SOON!!!


Annemarie said...

Those schedules are unreal. I love that he does that! What great memories for your kids & their cousins.
Next time I want you wearing your green shirt. gheesh, be a team player already.

Mark and Meghan said...

fun...and very busy!

Elizabeth Judd said...

how fun! sorry that you are going to have my little monkey of a cousin soon! Thank you so much for watching Taylor!!! LOveyou!!

Melissa-Mc said...

Oh my heavens! What an awesome schedule. I am wishing I was one of the cousins!

Shaunte Wadley said...

The matching green shirt thing is brilliant! And I bet they did have an XXS for YOU! Man, you are looking great, Heather!

tammy said...

That's it. I need to move by the beach.

What fun!

Vanessa said...

So thats how you know Wendie!

I'm up for adoption, if you are interested.