Monday, August 10, 2009

Has it been 20 years?

I just went to my 20 year high school reunion.... and it was fun - BUT this reunion took the cake!
This weekend has been full of great friends and people that I cared so much about growing up. My husband even commented that it was such a fun group of people to be around.
It is so fun to see where everyone is at and catch up on our lives. We also had quite a lot of laughs when it came to memories of our younger years!
I really love all of you guys and hope it isn't another 20 before we meet up again!

We went to dinner the first night with a group of friends!

Bart, Nathan and Greg

Me and Stacey

Bart, Josh, Travis, Greg, Darren, Dave and Nathan

Stacey, Me, Jen, Jen Carmen, Kristi and Kim

The old Gang!
Dave, Trav, Darren, Jen, Stacey, Me, Nate and Josh


winspears said...

we had a blast!!! we have to do it again soon! we need to get our families together!!! thanks for all the laughs! i love great friends!

The Guiness Family said...

You blog at the speed of light girl! You need to send me your email so that I can add you to our blog list. We had a fabulous time hosting your 20 year reunion! I am the same age but married to the old fart! We love all you guys! You keep Greg young!

Stacey said...

I am having friend withdrawls. Kenna and I had so much fun with your family and this reunion definitely topped everything off! We need to do reunions more often. I am thinking my BIG birthday is coming up next year. It definitely calls for another reunion. LOL

kguiness said...

It was fun to see you guys, it was great to hang out! Congrats on your big anniversary!