Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Summer days continue!

Beach days with the cousins are always fun! These guys love being together and could stay at the beach well past the sun going down!
Good thing we brought a lot of yummy food and warm towels!

Parker and Bailey take a break on the boogie board!

Parker loves playing with Olivia!

These girls were out in the water for a long time!

Bailey discovered that sand crabs tickle your hand!

We ate Subway sandwiches and these lovely little watermelon hearts that Grandpa Rod cut up for everyone!

The kids made a cute little toilet with some "treats" in the bowl!


Mark and Meghan said...

love the toilet bowl! and bailey's swimsuite!

Pyatt said...

So funny...we were at the beach all day yesterday too...we need to post pictures! I love the beach but we still need to go together!

MBlairsLars said...

How fun...I miss the beach..glad you and your family are having so much fun!!!

Melissa-Mc said...

I am so antsy to go to the beach, being landlocked and all. In 2 weeks, we're going to the Oregon Coast and I can't wait.