Friday, May 15, 2009

TURTLE Heaven!

Warning: do not make these if you are attempting to lose weight!
They are so yummy and I had such a great time making and wrapping these guys - the lovely ladies in Relief Society will be treated with these on Sunday!

All it takes is caramel, pecans, and chocolate! You put the pecans in clusters on a silpat or waxed paper and then melt the caramel and drizzle on top. Once that has settled and hardened a bit you add a spoonful of melted chocolate on top. Yummy! Then of course, you move on to the presentation! We all know that that is the Most Important part, right?

Get these out of my house!!!!


Elizabeth Judd said...

oh man, i can not tell you how bad i want one of those right now!

Melissa-Mc said...

I'm glad you wrapped them up quick. At least there's a little deterent there in sneaking some extras.

Pam Mueller said...

Now that is why we like Relief Society-yummy treats like these keeps us coming back!

tammy said...

I'm not even gonna look.

winspears said...

How on earth do you stay as skinny as you are with all the stuff you make!!!! :) Looks sooo yummmy!!!

Mark and Meghan said...


note to winspears:
she hides it very well! :) hahahha
love you head!

Stacey said...

What a cute idea! Pete just called me to teach Relief Society, I will have to use your treat for my first lesson. Maybe they will be so thrilled with the treat they won't need to listen to me! LOL