Sunday, May 17, 2009

A day with always a good day!

It starts with Parker and Grandpa having some guy time fishing down at the lake!
To me, these pictures are priceless. My little guy had so much fun!

The face says it all!

Than Grandpa took Bailey, Parker and Caitlin down to pick up Great Grandma Sadleir (who is 88 years old) for a day out in San Diego. They went down by the zoo and rode the merry-go-round. Than they were off to the train ride

Grandma was such a good sport!
For lunch they went to In-N-Out Burger - even Grandma knows a good burger when she sees one!

Thanks Grandpa -
what fun memories you are making for these little guys!


Mark and Meghan said...

cute head. such fun memories for you kiddos!

Vanessa said...

What fun memories for the kids!

We are coming down in June! Can't wait to bum around SD!

MBlairsLars said...

You have the best in-laws. Parker, and your girls are lucky to have them too! Love the pictures of the lake...great way to make me homesick!

winspears said...

What great memories for you kiddos! Grandparents are the best!

3WimmerBoys said...

Oh you have it so good having Grandpa close by. Those are memories they will have forever!

Melissa-Mc said...

Parker definitely looks like a natural at the fishing thing.