Sunday, April 19, 2009

We like technology and having friends to dinner!

Parker started taking pictures of us and I was laughing as I realized that everyone was on something that you turn on, plug in, and interact with.
(I promise it is mostly educational!

I caught Parker in the act - playing the Gameboy.
(He has no idea what he is doing!)

I was actually kicked off the computer by Bailey and Maddie!

It was a beautiful day, we had our friends, the Jeromes over for dinner and so we decided to eat outside!
I must have said something really funny because John wet his camouflage shorts!
(Actually, the poor guy sat on a chair that was full of water!)

Maddie and Sarah!


Shaunte Wadley said...

Why do I not have your e-mail address, and we have to communicate via our blogs?

Mark and Meghan said...

really parker took those pictures?? that's pretty dang good!

Sandy Toes said...

Very fun!
sandy toe

MBlairsLars said...

Fun! What did you make? Your the best cook and you always make the best food!!! P.S. Don't worry about next week he will have the gameboy down!

Princess Sarah said...

Very funny Heather!!!

Princess Sarah said...

P.S. thanks for the invite and the yummy dinner! You guys are the best!

JJDDS said...

I actually wet my pants because I was so afraid of eating that meal after seeing how it was prepared.

I regret consenting to this photo being taken for 2 reasons; 1 I know it will be on your desktop wallpaper while Bart is at work and 2 Bailey is going to want a life size print since she grabbed my bottom about 5 times.

But seriously, thanks for the dinner, it was really fun now that we are moving out of the ward. I'm glad it only took 3 yrs to gather the courage to ask me over.

If you ever need a babysitter give me a call. I have a friend Chester who is ready and willing HAHAHA

See you in 3 yrs!


Gotta run...I think it is the food poisoning.....

Melissa-Mc said...

I can see a future photographer in the making.