Friday, April 10, 2009

Up Up and away!

Every time we drive down Miramar Road, Parker freaks out over all of the planes and helicoptors! So, today we took him to the museum. The girls were less than excited to go, but I promised slurpees after (gets them every time)
I will say it was pretty impressive and even my older girls ended up thinking it was pretty cool!

Parker said he will fly one when he gets big and I asked him where he would take us and he said, "I will take Dad to work and you can go to Hawaii!" Sounds good to me!


Mark and Meghan said...

i don't think i've ever seen that place...but looks pretty cool!

tammy said...

That's definitely a place my boys would want to go. I think we may have to plan a visit soon.

And lol at what Parker said.