Saturday, February 7, 2009

He came home.. safe and sound!

The kids waited for the longest time by the door this morning!

I think he liked the Heart attack!

Gosh - He was only gone a week - I hate to see what this place turns into when he leaves again at the end of this month for Australia - NOW...Why am I not going with him?


Sandy Toes said...

How sweet..he feel very loved I am sure!
-sandy toe

Rach said...

you are such a super mom.

Rachel said...

I agree - why are you not going with him, and why dont I just come along too and be your tour guide!

Jessica said...

That's such a fun and cute idea. We will be working on our 'heart attack the next few days. Thanks for the great idea, the boys are excited to do it to Kimball. BTW, I LOVE the idea of the notebook you and your hubby do. I think we'll be starting that too. You're the bomb!!

Diane Riding said...

Yeah, you're crazy for NOT going with him! What were you thinking? Australia...........staying home with 4 little kids??????????