Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Bday Liz!

What a fun night we had at Liz's 4oth! (Can I say that out loud?)

First of all, the candy bar was the cutest thing ever! I loved it!
Mendenhall's - I could sit, talk and laugh with you guys all night long!
Cute little Annie and the birthday girl!
Cake time!
It was really fun to hang out with the new friends and old ones!
Happy Birthday Liz!
I will email you the pictures for your future blog! Ha!


tammy said...

How fun! I love that candy bar. I'm gonna have to copy that for the next party I have at my house.

annie said...

A very fun party..!

Pineapple Hill said...

What a fun party! I'm all ABOUT that candy bar. Did you see the one we did at Kayley's Pink & Green Wedding? Cute girlfriends:)

Mendenhalls said...

ok ,was that so fun or what?!
Thanks for covering for me so smoothly when the parental supervision discussion came up with the hubbby. We definietly fooled him. :)
I think I was a little tipsy from the sugar high from the candy bar.
Mark has been calling me "mutt" all day. what's that about??

Mary Beth said...

What a fun looking party. How do you have the time, patience and creativity to set up a table like that? Very Cute!

Parmley said...

Girlfriend, it was super fun having you at my parteee!!!! We need to do it again. I am just putting this out there - Who is hosting the next party - and when is it? We need to pick party colors for the next candy bar and it needs to incorporate green since Laura has about 400 green M&Ms.

ferntyler said...

a party where I actually met nice new people - fantastic!

Wendie said...

Looks like a fun party! While checking out the pictures, I noticed my sister-in-law Brandy in one of the pictures. Heather, some how you know everyone! Forget the game six degrees of Kevin Bacon. It's now the six degrees of Heather.