Saturday, September 13, 2008

No folks... I don't sign autographs!

Too funny! I went to speak today at a tri-stake youth conference - there were a lot of youth at this conference. when I got there I was setting up my room as the kids started to file in. I had a group of about four girls that were staring at me and talking to each other. OK... So I am a couple of years older than they are (who am I kidding.. I guess technically I could be their mom) but whatever...They were making me feel a little insecure.
well, I started my talk and they continued to talk and than finally settled down. Once I was finished, they all came up to me and apologized for being rude but they said they were freaking out because they thought I looked just like Charlotte (you know from Sex and the City) I said, "Come on now girls.. I have morals!"
Honestly I don't see it!
But... flashback to about two years ago and I was taking Bailey to her first day of preschool and the teacher was a young girl and she really was giving me the stare down. I had my sunglasses on and so she couldn't really see me staring back. I said bye to Bailey and when I came back to pick her up, the teacher came up to me and said that she had called her friend to say that Kristin Davis (Charlotte) lived in the area and her daughter was in her preschool class. She thought that I was her! Sooo silly... But it gets me thinking... I am now contemplating wearing shades and doling out fake autographs! I always knew I would make it big! (I just didn't think it would be as an impersonator. Sorry mom!)

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Nope - not me and I just don't see it! Maybe the hair color, but that's it!


Elizabeth Judd said...

She's really cute but your cuter!! :)

diane said...

Do you have to run from the paparazzi?

Mark and Meghan said...

that's so funny heather..i never knew those stories. there is a slight resemblence, i could see where people thought that! sign autographs for sure!

Christina Bambina said...

OMG - Do you know HOW MANY TIMES my mom and I said the same thing while watching the darn show! WE would always think of you! That is so funny! what a story!