Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vegas Baby!

Thanks to the best parents ever......our whole family, minus the majority of the hubbies {sad} went to Las Vegas for a Hot Vacation. I say hot because every time you stepped outside you felt like you were baking in an oven or someone had a blow dryer on your face...We had such a great time and the kids loved every minute of being together. we spent hours at the pool, and we also went bowling, the movies, and a great inflatable jumping place to get the wiggles out!
We were quite the group as you can imagine - we got yelled at a couple of times - "Hey take your kids to Disneyland" and my personal favorite "Control your kids - this is Vegas -Great parenting skills"  Nice! Every time we were waiting for an elevator, the poor unsuspecting people that would try to get off and see our group would almost instantly throw their hands up like we were invading their personal space - gotta love it and laugh!
Other than those little annoyances, we loved it and it is so fun to see everyone together making memories that they won't soon forget!

 Love those bum cheeks!

 Jump happy!

 Terry Fator was hilarious!

Our fave place to eat!

 Banana cream pie pancakes and smores pancakes...to name a few!


Mark and Meghan said...

so fun! now send me those pictures!! :) love you head

ps lilly pointing to you saying hhwere

Mark and Meghan said...
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Libby (Allen) Kaul said...

I love that people got annoyed at the kids in Vegas! Way to go Ridings, teach those gamblers about real life! Gorgeous family Head! Your parents ROCK!