Thursday, May 31, 2012

Instagram me!

I'm telling you what  - I am having too much fun with Instagram these days and so I feel like my life can best be shown thru my phone....
I got a new notepad and I love it!

 This little dog is still as sweet as ever!

 My little Padre just finished his Season of Baseball.

 Who happened to be at one of Parker's games?.... All of you non- Bachelor watchers - that is Roberto!!  Swoon!

 Here we are heading off to Vegas!

 Maddie turned 13 while we were there!

 We celbrated with gifts, bike rides, food at Cafe Rio and a Vegas show on the strip!

 We love you Maddie!

 Best Food EVER a.k.a. Cafe Rio

 We also got to visit our newest little niece - such a cutie!

 I taught the girls how to make Napkin Flowers!

Early morning Seminary is about to end - that makes me sad - I love my kids!!!!

 Parker went on a field trip to see butterflies.

 I love me a little man with a stache!

 I finally got my ring drawer organized - now I need to tackle my shoes!

 For my birthday we went to get a couples massage...

 and eat some Tuna Tartare at Donovan's

 Jen and I got to get away for a night and slept at a really ritzy hotel in downtown San Diego. We had so much fun shopping, eating, shopping, going to movies and we enjoyed the best dinner at Donovan's {that's right two times in one week - I'm spoiled!}

Complete with the yummiest dessert {Panna Cotta} EVER!!!

All the girls got together for Mother's Day!

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Now I need to sort thru tons of pictures from Memorial Day and my choir performance!
I'll be back soon!

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Lisa said...

I wish my kids hadn't shown Fred instagram. He's addicted. I like it but he's addicted and it's pretty bad when we are together as a family and he's more worried about posting something or seeing who has posted something!!!