Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter tid-bits!

 I started the week by taking some snapshots of my kids....not all of them were prepared or thrilled about having their pictures taken!
You have to work with what you got, right?

 I then ran over to Shutterfly because they have the cutest Easter card designs right now and I ordered my cards to pass out to our family members!

 Krispy Kreme donuts stopped by for a visit as they have the cutest Easter egg donuts EVER!!!

 There were also quite a few visits to the Easter Bunny!

 Our neighborhood in Scripps has a big Easter Egg hunt every year at the park.  
They throw out tons of eggs and the kids go crazy!
 We found the Traina's.

 I told Parker to run to the end of the hunt and than start picking up eggs. That fast little guy not only took my advice, he led the pack and from the pictures, 
it looks like he is on his own hunt without anyone around!

 They both got plenty of eggs!
Our little neighbor Bella went with the kids - they went on the jumpies 
and found the Easter bunny once again!

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tammy said...

Easter is meant to be spent in good weather. Those poor Utah people with their snow. What fun times!