Sunday, March 11, 2012

She was celebrated!

 She got 15 presents...just because!
Leaving for seminary she had a big smile knowing 
that as we opened the front door, Grandpa had been by and decorated!

 I got to kind of embarrass her in seminary with donuts and her picture plastered on the box

 That day friends and family showered her with gifts!

My sister Elizabeth made this amazing coconut cake with the pompom banner.
 I loved it and so did Caitlin! She really felt the love!


tammy said...

You guys really know how to celebrate. Love the cake and that grandpa always decorates.

auntiebrooke said...

Poor beautiful Kaitlyn with that Grandpa of hers. Is that really how he wants to be remembered? It looks like she had a wonderful birthday. What a privilege to have such a great family that lives so close.