Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas extras!

I was going through my pictures to make a DVD for our family of the past year in 2011! 
Every year, I love putting all of our photos to music and sitting down as a family and reflecting on all the great memories and fun things that we have done together. 
I also love how many things would have gone forgotten 
if they hadn't been captured and photographed!
I found quite a few pictures from the last couple of weeks that made me smile - 
the holiday break was much needed!

One day I found way too many bananas laying around and so I made banana bread....we even took some down to Bart's office to surprise him - he loved that!

Parker has been jamming out lately to Smurf dance for the Wii - seriously - "Who Let the Smurf's Out" is one of our favorites!

We love visiting with Grandpa Patton. Bailey sewed and handmade a hot pad for Grandpa to use on his back or neck. Bart warmed it up for him in the microwave and he kept talking about it and said how good he felt using it. Bailey was beaming!

Caitlin went to the big Multi-stake New Year's Eve dance and met a couple of really cute boys there! Oh, how I loved picking her up at midnight and checking out the guys and girls as they came out of the church building! I live way too vicariously through her! {It's so fun!]

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