Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa, snowman Donuts and the Shoff's!

I took my two little ones to go see Santa and he was awesome! Only  problem happened when he told Bailey she could plan on seeing an American Girl under the tree - after four American Girl dolls we are done for a while! This might just be the year that Santa magic dies for Bailey! She kept telling me that Santa would deliver no matter what I said!  That darn Santa!!

 I just got the assignment to teach seminary and I LOVE it - I don't sleep much anyway so it is the perfect calling for me! bUT - - -  we are in the Old Testament and I need all the help I can get - Leviticus is tough!

So....I made these cute little snowmen donuts {Thank you forever to Pinterest} for my kids - they actually tie in with my lesson tomorrow! I kind of forced them to tie in, if you know what I mean.
The best part  - while I was making them, my kids were occupied by one of the many cute Christmas programs that are playing on TV right now! 
Made it so much easier than to hear their whines about why they can't have donuts for breakfast!

I have also been taking many photos of darling families. I just finished the Shoff's pictures and there were so many cute ones! I look forward to seeing all of the Christmas cards!
 That frame is never disappointing!

 Gorgeous Family!

 I LOVE how this picture turned out!

 Look at those faces! I love it! 

Tomorrow brings another photo shoot with big balloons and a wicker settee - I am so excited!
I also have my big choir performance tomorrow night and to pack for Mexico - we are heading there for Bart's 40th birthday! I can't even imagine getting to that point where we are actually on vacation away from it all!


Chris and Dianne Clan said...

Ha ha! I'm laughing! The pics you put on your blog are the ones that I chose for our card. are THE BEST! Loves!!!

Pyatt said...

I didn't know you were teaching seminary...lucky kids!! I bet you are GREAT!

erika said...

I was so excited when I heard about your new calling. You are going to be amazing!
And the Shoff's pictures turned out so good! Love them! You captured their family perfectly. Loved the mistletoe one!