Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Need a Silent Night!

This year for our Sugar cookie Christmas party, I let the kids each invite two friends to come over and they were asked to bring a new unopened toy that we could than donate to the Children's Hospital!
Their friends came and they delivered on the toys...and I think they had fun as well.
I made batches of sugar cookies and also gingerbread men! The kids were a little surprised when they realized my gingerbread men were missing arms, legs and heads. [Cutest cookie cutters ever!}

 I was laughing over the mounds of sprinkles that went on top of the boy's cookies!

 The older girls had fun decorating a gingerbread house!
 I was in  LOVE with the cute snacks and treats that I found at Cost-plus! 
Like the Icicle Cheetos and the Santa Frosty sodas!

 The drinks were a big hit!

 These were the party favors. I just filled the gingerbread houses with Christmas candy!

 Death of a gingerbread boy by Blue cream soda! 
I am sure this was Parker's doing!
The after show!

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