Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am thankful for Family!

 My kids were dying to make sugar cookies and since I had just purchased a turkey and leaf cookie cutter from William Sonoma, we got right to it!

 As you can see, they had no problem dousing them with sprinkles!
 We spent Thanksgiving this year with my family and Jen hosted the dinner at her house! She did it up right with darling decor, fattening treats and so much food, we all wished for expandable pants!

 Liz made the cutest sugar cookies - now that is what I call decorating the right way!

 The kids played and danced and swang and laughed!
 Look at that cute 88 year old man dancing to Just Dance 3!

 I love my family!
We ended the night with everyone together going around the room and saying what they were most thankful for! We would all agree that family made the top of the list!


Mark and Meghan said...

so fun to be with you! thanks for taking our pictures...again...so nice of you! and if i could get those thanksgiving ones from you...i'd really appreciate it ;) thanks head!! xoxo

tammy said...

Looks perfect! And now I want a sugar cookie.