Friday, November 11, 2011


Today at 11:11 am on 11/11/11 I took a picture/s of what I was doing/wrapping/holding - following me still?

I had just finished wrapping my third gift because November has some pretty awesome birthdays! My little sisters Meg and Liz have a birthday today - Happy 30-something Birthday little sisters!

Also, I was holding this beautiful baby girl on my lap and had just settled her into her bassinet - NO I don't have a new addition, although the desire to have a baby in my arms is always there! We got to babysit for a cute little couple in our ward while they celebrated their anniversary! Bring her back any time you want - we Loved every minute with her!!!

Than, sometime after that I had a conversation with Caitlin that went like this: 
"Mom, do you know where Parker is?'
Me: No, why?
Caitlin: Well, Janel [her friend} just facebooked me and she said that she passed Parker out on the corner of our street begging for money!
Me: Whhhhaaaaattttt? I don't understand.
Caitlin: Go look for yourself!

So I did and this is what I came upon - he had such a great act going that the cousin, the neighbor and the sister all wanted to join in on the homeless act. They were so funny - money earned for all that work - zilch, zip, nada! Nice try Parker!


Marci said...

I love that parker came with those signs! What a smart kid! And I would have given him some money for sure :-)

tammy said...

I love Parker!! My Connor would have been right there with him.

erika said...

ha ha that is awesome of Parker! I love the shirt off the shoulder look on him!

Christina said...

HILARIOUS homeless gig!