Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sadleir Reunion!

We had our first annual Sadleir Reunion this past weekend. Seriously, it was a tiny group of us for the amount of Sadleir's that there are and that should have been there!
Bart's Aunt Julia organized the whole thing and it was so much fun. There were cousins that came from Utah and it is always good to catch up and make new connections. My kids loved having so many cousins that they never get a chance to see!

The first night we watched a movie out on the lawn!
Complete with buttery popcorn!
 Jordan was turning 12 on the official first day of the reunion.

 A little competitive kickball  - one team against the other!

 Someone got stung by a bee on the middle finger of all places!

 The kids found a stream full of crawdads, tadpoles, and little frogs - they were in Heaven!
 Aunt Gwen entertained everyone with songs!

 We had a special night at Aunt Julia's house with everyone!

 Just a small group of many cousins!
We also spent the day at Sea World!
Can't wait until our next get together!


Elizabeth said...

how fun! Heather I cannot handle how funny that picture is of Parker! so sad!!

tammy said...

Poor Parker! I love a good family reunion.

Steph said...

Looks like a blast! Wish I had known about it. Half of those people live here and we don't get to see them... ;)