Sunday, August 21, 2011


Lately I feel like this is my word - Catch-up! The house has turned into a giant pit-stop to all of the activities we have been running back and forth from. All four kids are playing soccer this Fall and that is now in full swing - ughhh - my life has turned into spreadsheets and carpools - not to mention once school starts! But...secretly, I wouldn't have it nay other way. I am so happy when my kids are busy and full of activities and this Summer has been an example of that!
The kids went to Tennis camp for a week and they loved every minute of it! This was Parker's first time joining the girls and he relishes over the fact that he beat a middle schooler on his team while volleying the ball back and forth!

One of my friends, Andrea, was in town for the week and we were able to sneak away and go to Anthony's for dinner and enjoy some mom-time!

Bart has been trying to take off with each child for a little one on one time! He took Bailey to Ceramicafe so she could paint a plate. Then they headed off to Bart's favorite place, Red Robin for dinner!

Only two weeks left to enjoy the Summer with these kids of mine and besides the busy-ness of it all - soocer starting, piano lessons and shopping for school clothes - I am bound and determined to enjoy what little time we have left to be together!
 Besides, I can always catch-up later!!!

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