Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Beaching we will go...

My little sister Meghan is in town.... so all is good in the world now that all of us are together, We decided to kick off her homecoming by heading to the beach for swimming, 
a bon fire, smores, and memories!

 we wish that we lived closer to each other
 and could do these little get togethers all the time!


Bob Jr. said...

Missing Kristian, Mark, Taylor and Caitlyn right??
Great pictures what a great time to see you five girls together - we are so proud of each of you and the "little moms" you have become!!

Diane Riding said...

I LOVE all of these adorable pictures!!! Great job, Heather!! It's so wonderful that you blog and can capture the different personalities and crazy little characters we have in our family! Dad and I ADORE each and every one (all 28) of you!!! x0x0x0x0