Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surprising my twinner!

Jen and I are turning 40! Whhhaaaaattttt?
It's true and my sis was hoping for a party but not sure how to go about getting one without being able to add her two cents about decor and music and all the rest!
I can happily say she was totally surprised and it was everything she had hoped for and more! Her friends did such an amazing job pulling it all together!
 The best party planners!

There were scary pictures!
 Beautiful white decorations!

 Sweet party favors of Jen's favorite music!
 Delicious goodies and treats!

 One amazing cake!

 Family and friends

 and one surprised girl!

 There was also a lot of dancing...whether we liked it or not!

Happy birthday Jen!
I can't believe it's happening to us but I am 
so glad to be turning 40 with you!


Elizabeth said...

such cute pictures, I need you to make a CD. I"m so sorry, i know that's annoying!! LOVEYOU!!

MBlairsLars said...

How fun! You all look amazing. Love all the white decorations and food. Happy birhtday to both of you! Welcome to the 40's club!

Marci said...

I LOVE all the white! So pretty and it looks like tons of fun too!

tammy said...

Happy Birthday to the both of you! Love the white, so much better than black 40th parties! Looks like a great time.

Mark and Meghan said...

so cute! i love that table of food and those white balloons! so so so wish i were there! L-A-M-E!!!

Diane Riding said...

This was one beautiful, classy, (just like Jenn would do if she were doing it herself, huh Jenny?)fabulous 40th Birthday Surprise Party.....Jenn was completely surprised and couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to celebrate her 40th birthday! Great job on the pictures, Heather!! They're beautiful and so capture the wonderful feeling that was there that night!!! STILL can't believe dad and I have 2 40 year old daughters!!!! Man, how did that're still supposed to be 4, not 40!!! x0x00xx0

Pyatt said...

That was a great party!! So fun to be with you guys!! I can't believe 40 is here...I remember when we turned 14!! We need to get together soon so I can give you your gift...Love you mutt!

Patti said...

Happy birthday, Heather! (and Jenn) Yeah, like didn't you and Bart just get married a year ago??? How can you be 40? The photos are great - I feel like I was there. As your mom said, it was classy. Aren't you glad you have such fun parents? I just love them, too. Hope you have fun celebrating on Saturday!

Christina said...

Happy B-day to you both!

Leave it to Bob to embarass you guys! (jk) I still remember randomly calling your guys' house just to listen to the answering machine and the funny messagaes he would record on it!

It can't be 40, you guys were babysitting me just the other day, right? ;-)

Tara Edwards said...

Sort of excited to hear all about all the surprises! I'm expecting posts tomorrow!!