Monday, May 9, 2011

Our girl is 12!

Maddie hit the big 1-2 and it is so hard to believe! She has been so excited about this birthday and all that it means. She is moving on up to YW now..and that is huge!  We have a great group of girls that have already made her feel so welcomed!

We love you Maddie and hope you felt extra special today!
The young women leaders came over with some little surprises to welcome Maddie and wish her a happy birthday!
When she woke up, she ran outside to see that Grandpa had been by and decorated the trees with birthday wishes and candy galore. 

Caitlin Made her a really cute banner to wear at school and plenty of sweet treats and notes were given to her once she got to school.

I picked her up early and took her to lunch and than she got to enjoy a special dinner with Grandpa and Grandma. We all met up after for ice cream at BR.'s off to planning the party!


Vanessa said...

I wish Wendie was my daughters YW leader!!

HB to Maddie!

Patti said...

No, I cannot believe Maddie is TWELVE!!! She is going to love YW's though, isn't she? How fun that your dad comes and decorates the trees - that is too cute! I updated my blog if you are interested... (I haven't done it in a long time!)

tammy said...

I love birthdays at your house.

Hope she had a great day!