Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is my version of Therapy!

I don't know why but the Holidays are my favorite times to bake and get creative. I love the whole process - especially thinking about what to make and give to friends and teachers and family.
I ran across the famous candy corn for Easter and it reminded me of the reindeer cookie bark I made at Christmastime. So...I simply substituted for the Easter corn and made an Easter corn cookie bark instead.
It is really so simple.

All you need are about 16 Oreo cookies, 2 cups of pretzel sticks, Easter corn, melting chocolate, and sprinkles.
I lay wax paper onto a cookie sheet - break up the Oreo cookies into small pieces, break the pretzel sticks into smaller pieces and add about 1/2 of the easter corn. 

I then melt my chocolate in the microwave and pour over the mixture. Try to drizzle and keep uniform throughout. While it is still wet, I add more of the Easter corn and sprinkles on top. Stick it in the fridge to harden and than take out and break apart into cookie bark pieces. 

I found these cute little dishes in the dollar section of Target and they held my cookie bark quite nicely.

I also found some pretty felt that matched the easter corn so I whipped up some little felt flowers to attach to the front of the package {it's all about the details}. 

I also made a Happy Spring tag to attach to the front. Again, if you would like this tag, just email me and
 I will send you the jpeg.
I can't wait to pass these little pretties out and 
see what kind of reaction they get!

Happy Spring!!!


tammy said...

You are so clever! I always love your ideas.

Pyatt said...

Mutt--the therapy is in the EATING it...I just may try to make those...We NEED to get together soon!! When is Jen going to be here next...40 is just around the corner...we need to celebrate!

erika said...

Oh my goodness. That looks amazing!

MBlairsLars said...

Very Cute!!!!