Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring break and beyond!

We have had some fun and busy days as of late!
I need to sit and take a breather sometime soon! We just keep running....but I secretly like it like that!
During the last few weeks, we have had Spring break, softball games galore, and everything in between.

We went Ice skating!

 Bailey about lost it when she hit the jackpot - 
we spent probably a good hour at the prize booth!
We hit Belmont Park - do you notice that there are only three children in these pictures - sadly Caitlin has taken on the role of  teenager and so she can be found wherever her little friends are!
Did I mention never ending softball/t-ball games?

When I say crazy eater egg hunt, I mean CRAZY Easter egg hunt! Look at the crowds - my kids were lucky to grab a couple of eggs - it was like a giant vacuum cleaner!

This is the ultimate favorite of the kids - from oldest to biggest!
I didn't get a picture of Caitlin as she came home to grab some clothes to spend the night at a friends house and saw the Easter eggs and sat down to dye her eggs!

I also had my creative outlet for the week and baked about 3 dozen Easter egg sugar cookies.
Now I am off to play rabbit and deliver my stuff...than to get pictures with the Easter the bunny fill baskets...prepare for a talk I am giving tomorrow in church.....
I'm happily exhausted!!


tammy said...

Looks like some seriously fun times going on at your house!

SR2 RS Paula Rockwood said...

I love reading you blog! what a special family

Taryn said...

You've been busy! Those cookies are beautiful!

Taryn said...
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