Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reasons why we LOVE/HATE St. Patrick's Day!

#1 - We love it because it is one more day to celebrate...and receive some candy from a little red-haired leprechaun!

#2 - We hate it because it involves purposely wearing green! Poor little Parker didn't have any green on as we picked up for carpool this morning. He got his first pinch of the day and started bawling - "not Funny!" He screams at all of us laughers!

#3 - We love it because we get to wear silly hats and take funny pictures!

#4 - We hate it because we don't really want to wear the silly St. Patty's stuff once the pictures are over!

#5 - We love it because for breakfast things are green - like donuts! Yummy!

#6 - We hate it because the milk was turned green {tastes the same people} and so we refused to drink it!

#7 - We love it because it is our Uncle Mark's birthday today! Now that is cool! {Good for him he doesn't have red hair!}

#8 - We hate it because Uncle Mark lives in Utah so we can't really help him celebrate it!

#9 - We love it because we got to go to Legoland with the cousins today!

#10 - We hate it because some dads think it's okay to go to Legoland dressed up like a leprechaun and scare small children!

#11 - We secretly truly LOVE it so the loves win out!


tammy said...

Poor Parker. I made sure Connor went to bed with a green jammy shirt so his older brother couldn't get him first thing.

I think I could be more into it with green donuts and a trip to Legoland.

diane riding said...

You are so clever and creative, honey! I love going to your blogs and seeing all my babies and all the fun things you do for all of them. You're something else!!!! x0

Mark and Meghan said...

cute heather. thanks for the birthday shout out for mark...i'll have to make him look at this! :) wish i was at lego land! and that leprechaun was CREEPY for sure!

Jeanne said...

Looks like such a great St. Pat's day, except for the pinching. Your rainbow cards are adorable... look at who's turning into a Photoshop Queen! I'll have to get a few of those pictures from Bailey's baptism. That weekend went by way too fast.