Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have been so busy the last couple of weeks and there are so many things going on at the same time, I have really neglected blogging! One of my kids even asked if I was done with blogging - Gheez - it's only been a week or so! Right?
Well, I am still a strong supporter of Erin Condren and her cute website! She came up with a brilliant idea and made I-Pad stickers -for the I-pad cover! So...of course I had to order one! Go check her out here!

Parker is loving T-ball....a lot and he thinks 
he is quite the play-a!  His team is the Texas Rangers and his snack time is up next so he was super excited to see what I came up with for the treats. {Hey - I had to step it up as I barely make it to the practices on time and sometimes we might even drive to the wrong fields altogether.}

I have been so excited to get my Easter stuff out and look around at all the cuteness! I love this holiday and all that comes with it!

Well, that is just a fraction of the business - in other news, Bart is leaving me for China - Ugghhh!
Caitlin is having a group of girls over to spend the night tomorrow night! So...we need to make rice crispies, and learn how to put tinsel in their hair, and basically clean this place up!
Not to mention, tomorrow is April Fools - Bart has a pretty funny idea we might try to pull over on the kids - they are getting pretty smart to our tricks!
We also have some visitors coming next week - super excited about that! I'll keep you posted - if I have time!


Patti said...

Cute Easter stuff. I got new Easter things when in Utah last month - Tai Pan, of course! I just got a new oven and microwave today and in looking at your blog pictures, I think I have the same as you. I got the GE Advantium - is that what you have? Looks the same, and I got stainless steel finish, also. Can't wait to use them - both the microwave and the oven are convection and super fast - woo hoo!

tammy said...

Love your Easter decor. I guess it's time to get mine out. Sorry your hubs is leaving - time to do some projects to keep busy.