Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year!!!!!!


We are ready for the New Year...we have set our goals and looked back at the year gone by. I spent about 3 1/2 hours making a DVD of all of our 2010 photos and set it to music for our family to watch tonight! I mean I really should have received a standing ovation {I shocked myself at my dvd making skills.} It was really fun and than we talked about the upcoming year and made our annual goals! I love that Bailey is going to try really hard to not suck her thumb and that Parker wants to improve his bowling score. 
They totally got the message, right?
My goals:
1.  Get rid of all chocolate in our home - note to self": don't weigh immediately following the Christmas holiday - VERY . BAD . IDEA!!!!!
2.  Have husband hide the Ipad during the day so those Angry Birds don't take over my life - that's the last thing I need!
3. Learn all about my favorite Holiday gift this year  - Photoshop CS5 - I am slowly getting addicted!
4. Get my photography website up and running - Apple store HELP ME!!!
5. On a more personal note: Really be present for my kids - they are growing way too fast! I actually got super emotional watching the DVD I made to see how much they have all changed!

It's gonna be a great year!


MBlairsLars said...

We think a like....I did the exact same things. For FHE last night, we set our goals, and tonight we watch our annual video! Love you guys. P. S. can you come to my house and remove all forms of sugar (I'm not that big on chocolate)!

Lisa said...

Cute idea!

Rach said...

i'm not going anywhere near my scale right now. time to start training for the tris and by the way aren't you already mother of the year?

Princess Sarah said...

Great post! Awesome goals and beautiful pics of a beautiful family! I want to see that video you made!! maybe John could help you with your website>?? just sayin'!

About Me: said...

I think we could help Parker with number three.