Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Happened!

What a great week we have had! Every year we switch between our families and this year it was my side of the families turn. My little sister Meghan was coming from Utah and all the rest of us live so close to each other now. Knowing that we would all be together, my mom set to work and made plans for every single day and night so that we had fun activities and places to go. My mom is amazing and she really makes it so that there is never an opportunity to have kids climbing the walls 
or saying they are bored.
We also made sure to keep up with our yearly traditions and EVERYONE {adults included} looks forward to it!

It has been raining...a lot and so we had to alter plans to make new ones to accommodate 16 grandchildren. We took the kids bowling  - they loved it!
We made it down to Belmont park where the kids loved rope climbing, golfing, playing in  the arcade, and laser tag.
Legoland was as crowded as it could be but the kids didn't seem to mind one bit...and as long as the adults had apple fries with whip cream everyone was happy!

These Christmas trees were amazing - 
totally made of legos...of course!
Santa's house is a yearly tradition. The kids get to see Santa, pick out a present, drink hot coco and eat lots of cookies!
The adults were even able to sneak away {now that we have babysitting age girls} and enjoy being together 
without chasing the little ones!
This next tradition was originally started for the kids but has since evolved into the 5 sisters competing for the best gingerbread house. Seriously - it is stiff competition - we even had a neighbor come over and do the judging. If you ask me they were drunk on eggnog because my house didn't take first place - but I will give it to my sister Jen - she had topiaries and a pool in the backyard. Too cute!
I think that everyone will say that their favorite tradition is the gift exchange! My parents have everyone pick someone elses name, they supply the cash and we head to the mall and spend the money on each other. Than we go home, wrap up the gifts and the exchange begins! I think everyone was happy with what they received!

Christmas morning happened all to quickly - I even stayed up until 4:30 am to help Santa with all the last minute details!
Crazy - but so worth it for all the magic that it brings!
Bart was super excited when he got to don the Christmas shirt he was given from his good friend Joe Foss. 
Ever since I can remember my mom has made these candy cane cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas morning!
They were hand delivered to our door in the morning and I think that someone was up super late making them for all of us!
This is a glimpse at the craziness of what our home looked like as we headed out the door on 
Christmas morning to be with our families!
We also went by Bart's parents house to find Christmas joy all around - the girls got American Girl dolls, dad got an I-pad and I scored Photoshop. Joy!
This Christmas has been magical in every way and so fun to create life long memories with family that we love so much!

The end!


These Are The Days said...

Mmm, those candy cane rolls look so good. What a sweet mom! Love all the cheerful Christmas pics! Have a happy new year. :D

tammy said...

Looks like such a great time. As always, I love all of your pictures. Candy cane rolls? You might have to see if she'll share that recipe with us.

Pyatt said...

How fun to have all your sisters here...16 grandkids at once...I bet the kids LOVED it!! You have motivated me to post Christmas...We need to get together soon friend!!!

Vanessa said...

Will you adopt me?