Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why Vegas?

Because these two were turning 30!
Because this little baby was coming along for the ride!
{i miss her!}
Because you might just see some reality stars!
Hey -we were excited! Mark and Sunshine from the Biggest Loser!

Because the food is AMAZING!
Why Vegas?
Because you can take pictures with
freaky costume people on the streets!

Because the shopping is done with no time limit!
Why Vegas?

Because the shows are over the top!

Because "Toe Time" was in order!

Because we laughed and had so much fun!
Thanks mom for making this happen!


Elizabeth said...

oh man I soooooooo wish I were still there right now! Coming back to reality is a little hard and slow for me right now! Loveyou Heady!

MBlairsLars said...

How fun for you all! Happy Birthday twins!!

Pyatt said...

What a fun trip...You all look so amazing!!! Glad you had fun!!!

Rach said...

Is it thanks mom or thanks dad? Looks like you had fun!

Laura said...

What fun! I'm so jealous...!

Amy said...

Heather! You girls are so beautiful. You can thank your mom for that (don't tell your dad I said so!!! :)

tammy said...

You guys really know how to party. Looks so much fun!