Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful week!

I am Thankful for this time of year to be with our family!
I am thankful for my amazing mother-in-law who not only makes the best turkey dinner, but pays close attention to all the details! The table was beautiful!
I am thankful for little hands that get to help in the making of yummy pies and goodies!
I am thankful for a sweet man that loves
Thanksgiving food as much as I do!
 I am thankful for fun traditions and games that bring our family closer!
I am thankful for friends that come to visit for the holidays!

I am Thankful!


Princess Sarah said...

Heather...just stop!!! Love you!!!
See you in a few days!! XOXOX!!

ferntyler said...

looks like a great celebration - but more importantly, where did you get your boots that are peeking out at me in that last picture? so cute!

MBlairsLars said...

I am Thankful too!!! Especially thankful for great friends. Thanks for taking some time out for me!

tammy said...

Gorgeous table! I love how even the chairs match.

Rach said...

I should have been in that picture too. Can you photoshop me in please? i talked to your man on sunday. i've seen him more lately than you.