Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flower Power!

Caitlin and I have a new found addiction - if I'm not busy making caramel apples, going to teacher/parent conferences, shuttling the girls to piano and soccer, I can be found working on rosette clips, necklaces, and the like. We just got two orders done and three more to go! And man oh man, it sure is fun to be creative and sit and craft! I love it! I also love how excited Caitlin gets to finish her homework and house chores so she can make these little beauties as well!
Ahh... a girl after my own heart!
Lindsay - this little package is coming to you!

Megan - I know we have never formally met, but I hope you love the necklace.
I have to say, that I loved the colors that you picked out soo much that I had to make an identical one for me to wear! :0) Good thing we don't live by one another - we'd be serious twinners!
If anyone is interested, this is Caitlin's fundraiser for her 8th grade trip. 
Clips are $5
Headbands are $12
Necklaces are $25.
You can customize the colors that you want and even preview the goods for your approval.
{We're just nice like that!}
All those that have ordered, they are on their way or almost done and
Caitlin thanks you!!!


Erika said...

Love the rosettes and I want to order some hair clips for the twinners. But I want your help and input on the colors!
You also need to sell the candy apples because I would buy like 10!

KelleyAnne said...

They are sooooo cute!

tammy said...'re taking orders?