Sunday, October 17, 2010


We have been busy - pumpkin patching, wedding going, 
cousin playing all weekend long!
Not to mention, making fabric flower clips 
and baking pumpkin goodies and doing Halloween baskets for the Carnival at school, shall I go on?? YIKES!
I will be posting soon!


Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

and you forgot to mention, GOSSIPING with my mother all weekend[;
i love you and your cute family heather !! its always so good to see you guys! tell maddie i say hello! i love that little girl !!

Julie B said...

Cute picture Heather! You are a busy woman!

katie said...

i love when your a busy woman, cause i get to see all the awesome stuff you do on your blog. one day i will be as creative as you... or at least i will copy your creativeness so that my kids think that i am cool :)... kids... plural? what has happened to me over the last couple of years???
p.s. you need to come visit... seriously.

Lindz said...

Ok Heather....I really need to get some of those cute headbands!! I love all that I have seen....the yellow and pink ones that your girls are wearing are super cute....and so was the one you had on Saturday at the baptism!! :) So let me know how much a piece and I will place my order!! :) And will they fit my little Zoe or is she too little??