Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last offical day of Summer - spent either puking or boating!

I failed to mention that my little sister had my girls while I was gone and when I returned home I found that my sister was sick and so were all of the kids. Poor thing!
So...I was thrown "back into the fire" with upset stomachs and throwing up!  Good times. 
Labor Day was the last day before we were to head back to school so the older girls stayed home {still not feeling good} and we took Bailey and Parker and headed downtown for the day.

First, we had a terrific lunch at Anthony' right on the water and than we went to the maritime street fair. 

 We saw cannons being shot at each other from the pirate ships.  We even got to go on board the pirate ship used on pirates of the Carribean. 

Parker and Bailey loved it and they also really liked checking out the underwater Russian submarine.  
 It was very cool and it was a great way to end a fabulous Summer! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Back to school - here we come!


The Trainas said...

woah-- Bailey is such a model!! I love how her head is tilted "just so" in the pictures... too cute! Hope you guys had a good first day of school-- I can't wait to hear how Parker did! I've had my fingers crossed for you all day... not just that he made it without tears, but that you made it to the beach! :)

Rach said...

stomach issues? what! it isn't winter yet. Hope parker survived the first day of school. our first day was good!

Taryn said...

cute pictures Heather! Did you get that headband on Bailey in Utah? Too cute!

Christina said...

I am soooo needing Anthony's RIGHT NOW! What fun!

These Are The Days said...

Love all the collages. Looks like fun...minus the puking. :D