Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer week Two!

I can't handle how I love the Summer weeks!  Nothing is better than morning chores to start the house out clean and than taking off to play in the sun and sand! 
Why can't Summer last all year long? 
Isn't the learning in the living? Don't I wish?
Every morning, Parker has had swimming lessons!
The Kimballs were in town so we had a great time down at Coronado Beach

I love taking pictures of little Crew!

The boys made Sand balls!
I also got to sneak away 
and see Twilight Eclipse! 
Soo good! I loved it!


Pyatt said...

We need to plan a beach day soon...That is where we have been living too!!

Pyatt said...
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tammy said...

Fun times....great always.

These Are The Days said...

Oh you're so lucky to live by Coronado Island. I love it there...especially the Hotel Del beautiful. I love summer morning chores too. Since I'm homeschooling all the kids it's going to be like that all year round, love it!

erika said...

Looks like you guys have been having a great time! Love all the fun pictures (except for maybe the one with my scary spray tan! - I look orange Heather!!!)

Rach said...

ok, your picture turned out much better than mine. it was super fun. have a great time on your vaca and we'll have to do something fun when you get back.

Anonymous said...

youre so cute heather!
it looks like your summer has been so full of fun!!!!!!!

Julie B said...

I adore Coronado, enjoy it for all of us landlubbers! Looks like tons of fun Heather!

Amy said...

Uh, you posted this a few months ago and I'm now seeing this????? I'm such a loser. Cute, cute photos here Heather. You are an amazing photo journalist:)