Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beaver, Utah

Our first stop was in Beaver, Utah to visit our friends the Yardleys! We only planned on stopping for a visit - but once the kids saw their 6 puppies running around we knew the visit would be extended!
Beaver has so much to do that my family never gets to experience! We wanted to soak it all in! The Yardleys have the best property and they live within walking distance of yummy Mexican food!
 After dinner, we went to their farm.
The drive to the farm was beautiful. 
From the mountains to the pastures and the horses and cows.  
 I loved watching Parker's expressions 
as he drove past all the animals!
 At  the farm, the kids favorite part was the chicken coop. 
It was so funny to watch them chase after the chickens.
The Yardleys also took us to their old fishing hole! 
We saw swans in the pond and got some beautiful pictures! 

Thanks Yardley's for being so hospitable! 
We made some really great memories!


tammy said...

You really got some great photos! Yay for road trips.

Marci said...

Ella now wants to live on a farm after seeing all these cute animals :-)!

Elizabeth said...

cute pictures Heather, I love the family pictures, those are all really cute! Loveyou and hopefully we'll see you soon, i bet you are sooooooooooo tired from this last week!

These Are The Days said...

We'll be driving through there this week...never realized how beautiful it was. :) I love all your pictures!

Wendie said...

I love the pictures! Looks like it's straight from a movie or something. I didn't think places like that really existed.

Rach said...

wow! we were in cedar city on the 24th. How funny. Hope the drive home was fun. great pictures. we are finally on summer and are way happy.

tammy said...

Remember how we were talking about dreaming about blog friends? I had a dream last night that I was in UT visiting my family the same time you guys were there and we all got together. Funny.