Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer has officially started!

 To kick off our Summer, we had our annual BBQ and games - this time Merrick was around to join in on the fun!  I told the kids to grab their swimsuits and meet outside. I loved the suspense it created as they looked at shaving cream and wondered what was going to happen.  Anytime you give a kid a can of silly string - it is a great thing for them! They played tag with the silly string and had a lot of fun - they had no idea that was only the beginning!
They thought that was fun- but oh boy - the shaving cream was out of this world!

 Let me tell you that was the best $3 ever spent at the dollar store on shaving cream - and clean up you ask? I just turned on the hose and sprayed them down! That will be added to the list of stuff to do again this summer I am sure!
 We ended with a yummy BBQ and drumsticks! I think their favorite were the sodas. I had them out in the garage and the kids kept asking me if they could drink them. I would say no because it was for a party I was having - 
they didn't know that the party was for them!
Hip hip Hooray for summer!


KelleyAnne said...

What a great idea. You are such a FUN mom!

Julie B said...

Super fun! I wish you were my mom right now and I'm sure my kids do too. :) THanks for more cute ideas.

Rach said...

I hate you! no, i am jealous. that' all. 29 more days for us:)

Marci said...

Such a fun idea!!! I love the shaving cream...genius!

Anonymous said...

that looks like so much fun!!!!!!!

Lauren Clyde said...

Hello Gorgeous!! I'm so excited to have found your blog... i found it through Sue's delicious blog. Your family is just so beautiful & I'm sad that I don't know your kids very well. They are all just so cute. Are you coming to Utah for the reunion??? If so, we'll see you there! Tell Bart hi for me & I hope you are all enjoying your summer in beautiful SD (from the looks of it, you are!) ;o)

Katherine Shupe said...

What fun....I am totally copying your shaving cream mess!

Taryn said...

Could you blog more please :)
I want to see some baby quails.