Sunday, May 16, 2010

Assemblies, Disney Bingo and say Cheese!

What a fun and busy weekend! Are they ever not busy? 
That is actually the way we like them!
I went to an assembly where Bailey performed with 
her 1st grade class. She also won a good citzenship award
and so I couldn't miss that! She is such a sweetie!

Parker has been spending hours upon hours playing Disney bingo - he wants to play with me, his sisters, me, his dad, me and I finally wrangled up his favorite neighbor friend Jake so I could get out of the gazillionth game he wanted me to play! 
He is too funny!
 One of the highlights of the weekend was helping our ward's Young women do a photography fundraiser to earn their money towards girl's camp!  My sister-in-law had told me about this one and it was a real hit in her area. It turned out pretty successful down here as well. I LOVED taking the pictures and it makes me even more determined to take a photography class. These are some of the great families and children I got to photograph!
The Rigby sisters

The Cluney's and their little dog Jaws!

 Sweet little Adrianna! She is a hoot!

 One of my very favorite families ever - The Foss family - look at the smiles 
we got from baby Crew!

Claire Jacobsen - she was the easiest shoot of the day! All smiles the whole time!

I also got a couple of my ever growing teenager! She had just gone to the Justin Beiber concert the night before  - so she was pretty smiley!


Elizabeth said...

Fun! I love that last picture of you and Caitlin!!

Pyatt said...

too cute...Mackenzie has that bingo game too and she is obsessed with should see Dave play it...we need to have Parker come over...he would be in heaven...Dave gets WAY into it! :)

Wendie said...

I'm glad the YW pictures went well. I was thinking about you guys yesterday afternoon.

MBlairsLars said...

You are becoming quite the photographer! Great job on the pics!!!

tammy said...

Such cute pics! I love the look on Bailey's face on the top right.