Friday, April 9, 2010


"Journals, pen strokes on paper...They are, in fact, a reflection of our soul on the mirror of life." Author unknown

I received this little beauty in the mail the day I got home from New Zealand - Whatever genius thought this up - 
I say Thank You!
It is a place to put a line or two  a day about the happenings and realities of life. It goes on for five years - how fun to reflect back next year on this date and see what I am doing and how I am feeling!
For Ex. - Today I wrote {in big letters mind you} "My Hubby Comes Home!" I miss him when he is away! Go figure! He swears it is only because I need his services with tucking the kids into bed and making their lunches - come on! - am I really that selfish? Well, maybe just a little bit - but I do miss him! Promise I do!!


Marci said...

What a great idea that book is...not so overwhelming as journal. I LOVE the new blog look!

tammy said...

Marci said exactly what I was thinking.

MBlairsLars said...

I love the idea of having a journal...I just don't think I would keep it up. You, on the other hand, are perfect at whatever you do. It will be an awesome read in five years! I get first dibs.