Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recap of a busy week!

First off, I have been busting out these little headbands and Rachel and Katherine are each getting one for their little beauties! {Because you asked!}
This week was the annual Jog-a-thon at the girl's school. I also registered Parker for Kindergarten - how did that happen so fast? in the fall, I will have all of my kids in school! that is exciting and also pretty sad!
Parker can't wait to be in kindergarten and run in the jog-a-thon for real!

Melissa and James came to town and it was really fun to get together with them and our friends to enjoy each others company! We miss the Larsons!
Rachel made these homemade pizzas and so now I am forced to fast today - I ate way too much yummy fattening food!


Marci said...

So, if I ask do I get one too then?! :-). They are super cute and that pizza looks really good...definitely worth a fast today!

Rach said...

ok so yea for the headband and my pizza is not fattening. it hardly has any sugar or oil in it. it's all natural. it's even healthier when i make it with wheat dough.

tammy said...

You're right - exciting but sad. I still feel that way, 3 years later.

Pizza always makes me gain two pounds. Hate that.

Katherine Shupe said...

I feel so flattered, not only did I get one of your cute headbands...I got a cameo on your blog! We love the headband....thanks again!!!