Thursday, April 1, 2010

Backwards Dinner! April Fools!

I went to and made this little sign for the kids to see at the dinner table tonight! They had to read it backwards to see what it said! 
I prepared meatloaf in mugs, a soda on a plate 
{complete with a straw}, mashed potatoes in a star cup and green beans in a dessert bowl! Gross, right? 
But actually pretty tasty just a little messed up and backwards! These fools were not fooled but the trick was they had to eat every bite to actually get dessert! 
I'm mean!
This was fun!!!



Princess Sarah said...

HAHA!! You ARE a MEAN MOM!!! What a fun, cute idea! I will be thinking of you ladies at dinner tonight! Have fun...I am soooo sad. I will have to make it out next time! :(

tammy said...

You are such a fun mom!