Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To be 13!

It is truly hard for me to even utter the words out loud - can I possibly have a little girl that is 13 years old? It has rushed by in a blur and yet I am so grateful for this little "teenager" that we have living in our home and her sweet spirit and bundle of happiness. She is such a sweetheart, and  independent of her parents {ahem}, she is one great girl!
Things I hope you remember about being 13 -
* You wake every morning on your own {because it's way too early for mom and dad}
and get ready for school.
* You love your I-touch and always want some new app to play with!
* Your best friend is Hannah and you two are always {I stress Always} 
acting like Nerds together!
* You are such a self-starter  {I can't tell you how much I appreciate that} 
and are on top of school work, young women goals, and anything else important.
* You love playing softball but are not as excited at the moment with piano
{I am praying that that will change!}
*You have a great sense of style {Yippee} but you also know from whence you came and ask my opinion about your hair and what you are wearing {You know I love doling out my advice}
*You ask on a daily basis for gum and I always see you searching my purse to find some!
*You really care about other people and are so good to your friends
and people that you just meet.
*When things are not going so hot at home, {a fight with Maddie - not listening to Dad or Mom} there is always a guarantee that a note will materialize somewhere 
from you saying that you are sorry!
*You still call me Mommy and I love it! {I just don't think you realize it!]
* You don't really like Mac and Cheese or quesadillas {what?} but you will eat it without complaints if it has been one of those busy crazy days!
*You like boys but when one of them asked you to "go with him" you declined the offer and asked if you could just be friends. {Yippee - some of my brainwashing has taken affect!}
* You are the best about telling me what is going on at school or with friends or life in general! You are quite the talker {Apple not falling far...}
*You have a testimony of the gospel and I love "catching you" reading your scriptures.
*We love watching how you try to resolve peacefully things for your younger siblings. 
They really love and look up to you!
* You are always quick to be grateful for things and a Thank you is always said - even for little things!
I love that too!
* You absolutely adore your dad and are always wanting to please him and make him happy!
*You are a total ham and make us laugh all of the time with your funny faces, quirky dance moves, and silly expressions! 
*You are such a great daughter and we are so proud to call you Ours!!!

I think Caitlin had a great birthday today. 

She was welcomed with donuts, presents, and our traditional  birthday banner 
{which she declined to wear to school}....
Grandpa came by and did his traditional front yard decorating with balloons....

 She received many a phone call and visits from friends and family....

 We went for a birthday dinner to Souplantation {one of her fave places] 
with her grandparents....

 And we came back home and everyone wrote why they loved Caitlin and shared it with her...
{My favorite part}

We love you Kiki Girl!
Happy 13!


Christina said...

A very happy birthday to such a special girl!

Elizabeth Judd said...

Happy Birthday Caitlin! WE Love you sooooo much!!

tammy said...

What a sweet girl. You've done a good job mom & dad.

Mark and Meghan said...

happy birthday cait...we love you too much. wish we were closer so i could use you as a babysitter! haha. :)

MBlairsLars said...

Happy Birthday to a very beautiful girl! I hope Olivia is just as perfect as you are when she turns 13!

Marci said...

She's so cute! Happy Birthday to Caitlin :-)!

Princess Sarah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET CAILTIN! Wow Heather--what a great daughter you have raised! And, what a great post that tells her what she loves and what you love about her right now at this age---that is really going to be neat for her to look back on a and read when she gets older! Love it!