Sunday, March 21, 2010


I went to Pasadena with Rachel and Erika this weekend to run in the Pasadena triathlon. We had such a great time together - and the race was fun too!

We left on friday afternoon and headed up to Cafe Rio - we needed a good meal before the race.

We got to our hotel and laughed when we saw how duped we got from the internet pictures - I guess you get what you pay for. The room was fine though and we only stayed up way too late playing Chit Chat and talking. {actually, the only one that finally slept like a baby was Erika}

The next morning, we headed over to the Rose bowl to unload our bikes, get our bib numbers and get a feel of the race. We had fun taking pictures and freezing our tails off!
I must say the best part was when this cute boy walked by... 

 and we all freaked out as we realized it was James Marsdon! We hunted him down and followed him to his car. I just went for it and walked over to his window and said, "James - I know this may seem creepy and a little innappropriate but I just think you're the cutest thing and I would love to get a picture with you, blah blah blah...{I know I said a lot more ridiculous things after that, but I just hope he forgets it all!} He was so nice to take a picture with each of us and we were in love!!

But, back to the race - we had a great time and we all did really well {this was Erika's first triathlon} and once the race ended we went back to the hotel, showered, got ready and headed out to Old Pasadena.
We had the best lunch at Aux Delices and walked around the fun little shops. I even managed to get a Pinkberry {the girls had never had one before}
and than we headed home and all of us went right to bed!

A great race and a fun time!
Until the next one!!!


Princess Sarah said...

Nice job doing the triathalon Heather!! Next time you are out in Pasadena area let me know!! :)

erika said...

Seriously so so so fun! Thanks for the giggles Heather. It was a blast!

kguiness said...

You go girl!

merrianne said...

WOW Heather! You are awesome!!! i wish i cuold do a triathalon!!! you look cute as always.. and i'm sure James Marsden was HONORED to have HIS picture taken with the famous HEATHER SADLEIR!!!!!!!! :)

tammy said...

You make me want to do a triathalon.

Minus all the running, biking and swimming.

Elizabeth said...

what a fun weekend! I can't handle that they've never had pink berry before, i'm sure they loved it!!!

These Are The Days said...

Wow. I'm so impressed...who knew?!? Good for you. :)

Rebekah said...

Looks fun! Do you do them often> Makes me want to do another one. Maybe in celebration of turning 40 (new age range...heehee). You are AMAZING! And...who is James Marsen?