Sunday, February 7, 2010

Special day for a special girl!

We went up to Orange County to see my
little niece Grace get baptized!
It is always so fun to be together with family and especially when it is for something special like a baptism. 
We love you Grace and are so proud of you!

The added perk was going to Cafe Rio for dinner afterward!
We love that place!


Taryn said...

Had such a great time Heather! Thanks for coming up! Love the post and love YOU!

Pyatt said...

dude...dave and I were at Cafe Rio last night too!!! Too bad we didn't run into you guys!!

Rebekah said...

Love that place too! I Make the Pork barbacoa at least twice a month...for sure my favorite meal with mexican rice, black beans and those yummy uncooked tortillas Costco sells. Makes me hungry just thinking about it and I just ate an hour ago:-).

deveney said...

what?!?! there is a cafe rio in cali and only a hour away from home, this is exciting news! road trip fro sure is needed, thanks for sharing:)

deveney said...

ps- i love how all of your post titles' are so exciting. {ie.. you ALWAYS use an exclamation point!}makes me smile:)

tammy said...

Oh how I love going to baptisms! And Cafe Rio's not bad either.