Sunday, February 14, 2010

The hubby and I just really Like Wahoo's...and other Valentine details!

Also, my little sweetie {after 2 years of sitting in our garage}
put up this cd/radio for me in the kitchen....
It's the little things that make me happy!
I  got some little Visiting teaching treats ready to deliver today {since I am probably the worst VT ever! No joke!}
Now I am off to wrap and hide Valentine gifts for the little ones. They are going to work to find their gifts this year - I have included some clues to help them out and they may even find some dollar origami hearts along the way!
It is worth the hunt!


Pyatt said...

Too cute Mutt! Dave and I love Wahoo's too!! I haven't seen you in too long!!!

Pam Mueller said...

We were just talking about fish tacos this morning before church! We just can't find a place out here that makes them right.

These Are The Days said...

You are the holiday Martha! Do you ever sleep? I love that your husband poses/smiles for all your pics. Poor Kimball rarely makes it on my blog. :) Have a fab Love Day.

tammy said...

I refuse to go to dinner on VAlentine's Day. I like your idea of grabbing something yummy for lunch instead.