Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birch Aquarium on a rainy day!

 Where do you go when it is raining in San Diego? There are not many places really as we don't get much rain and everything is outdoors. We decided to kill some time and take the kids to the Birch Aquarium with our friends. I was surprised at just how much fun it was! We'll be back there again for sure!


katie said...

heather! i can always, always count on you for a good post. your photos are looking killer by the way. i am amusing you are loving your nikon! well, your kiddos are super cute!

wish you were here to help me plan and decorate for nora's first birthday party!

hope all is well!!! love katie

p.s. love the birch aquarium!!

kguiness said...

How fun! We almost went there when we were visiting last year but ended at the Long Beach one instead. We'll have to check it out next time!

tammy said...

My 8 yr old so wants us to take him there. We need to plan a little trip to San Diego. I think the 5th graders at our school go there every year. So fun!