Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some nights are just funny!

Tonight we took the kids to Pat and Oscars with my parents, my grandpa and my sisters. There were a lot of people and I really wish that I would have had my camera to take a picture of the kids table. My two oldest (Caitlin and Maddie) sat on the outside of the booth to trap the little ones in. Caitlin looked like she was going to die of embarrassment for how loud everyone was being. It was pretty funny!

After dinner the cousins came over to watch a movie - Bailey made little post it notes on the couch to show the
kids where they were going to be sitting

{great idea if they could only read!]

Bart snuck his way into the scene and had Caitlin massage him.
He looked pretty funny but he was in Heaven!
That boy could have you rub/massage him every day!

I had fun decorating our San Diego palm-tree'd front yard
with my Christmas finds from good ole Target!

Can't get much cuter!

I love Target!!

And as far as this nose picker goes -
if he wasn't picking his nose,

He was busy picking apart the little
vellum windows of my Christmas house!
Little stinker!


Annemarie said...

He's just making sure his little finger is always put to good use!

Elizabeth Judd said...

that was fun heady joe! thanks for having them over!!

tammy said...

Why didn't I see those things at my Target? So cute!