Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas goes on and on!

My kids love the Holidays and any time they get to spend with cousins!
they play, eat cookies, go to the movies, bowling, shopping, laughing and having a great time together!

Three little crazys!!!

These two could live at the mall!

Dad's favorite thing - getting his back rubbed or ears pulled - go figure!

We seriously spent a whole day at the movies!

Bailey could not believe her eyes when she opened her American Girl doll from grandma and grandpa!

Sue made her yummy coconut cream pie!

My mouth is watering for another piece right now!


queenieweenie said...

coconut cream pie....yummy!

Pyatt said...

Thanks for Belmont Park today...that was fun...Mackenzie slept all the way home! Love seeing all your fun Christmas pics...I need to get mine organized. We'll see you on Friday! Happy New YEar!